Services to our students are paramount to Slippery Rock University. We are interested not only in recruiting students to The Rock, but are equally as vested in seeing them succeed. 


Students who have interrupted their attendance at SRU for any reason may resume studies at Slippery Rock University by applying for readmission with the Readmission Request Form.

For best service and registration planning please try to plan you're readmission request prior to the start of registration within a given term. Students must submit official transcripts from all schools attended after leaving SRU before a readmission decision will be made.

Credits earned at another college or university while they are not attending SRU may not be eligible for transfer to Slippery Rock University. Using a transient clearance form, students must obtain approval from their department and at times, their dean before taking the courses to ensure the transferability of credits to Slippery Rock University. Grades earned, as a transient student, will not be computed into the student's SRU grade point average.

Readmitted students are responsible for meeting all academic requirements in effect at the time they are readmitted, not at the time they were originally admitted to the university.

Online Degree Completion

If you left SRU before finishing your degree, you now have the option of completing it online! If you have earned 60 credits or more, SRU is pleased to now offer you four fully online degree completion options in the following programs: 

  • Business Management
  • Leadership
  • Nursing (RN to BSN)
  • Philanthropy and Non-Profit Management

Each of these programs affords you the flexibility to complete your degree on your terms.  You choose how many classes you take each semester.  As a student in the Online Degree Completion Program, you are individually guided by a faculty advisor.

If you are interested in simply finishing your degree without pursuing one of the options listed above, SRU has a general Online Degree Completion option, which allows you create your own emphasis area. Email for more information. 

Academic Standing

Academic Probation:

When subject to academic probation, the student will be placed on probation for one semester. Students who are placed on probation at the end of summer or winter session will be continued on probation for the following semester and will not be suspended/dismissed. A student on probation will return to satisfactory academic standing at the end of the semester in which he/she earns a 2.000 cumulative grade point average (CGPA).

Academic Suspension:

First Time Suspension: Student(s) on academic suspension for the first time will not be able to register for or attend classes at the University for one semester. Summer Term and Winter Intersession do not count as a semester for suspension purposes.

Second Time Suspension: Student(s) on academic suspension for the second time will not be able to register for or attend classes for two semesters. Summer Term and Winter Intersession do not count as a semester for suspension purposes.


Students withdrawing from the university must complete a Withdrawal Form (for all students). Complete all information and bring form to your exit interview with a Student Success Coach, which can be scheduled by calling the Office for Inclusive Excellence at 724.738.2700.