Transfer Credit Evaluation

At Slippery Rock University, the official transfer credit evaluation process is done by the Transfer Services team within the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Unlike most other colleges and universities, our transfer counselors make most of the University's decisions on how credits transfer to SRU. They also have the authority to make flexible substitutions in the general education portion of the curriculum. We work hard to make your experience transferring credits to SRU as seamless and stress-free as possible.

Our Transfer Services team assists students coming from community colleges, other four-year colleges and universities, and technical schools. We also manage the credit evaluation process for Advanced Placement Credits and military education equivalencies. Additional general information about transferring to Slippery Rock can be found on the main Transfer & Military Admissions page.

SRU Transfer Credit Evaluation Process

If you are interested in transferring to Slippery Rock and would like a preliminary transfer credit evaluation, please submit a request. Be sure to attach unofficial transcripts or grade reports from each institution to the request form so that we can provide the most accurate evaluation. You can expect a response from a transfer counselor within 7-10 business days. Students seeking readmission should not use this form; readmission must be granted before credits will be evaluated.

While the evaluation of your transfer credits is extremely valuable in determining the right fit for your next college, we believe it is even more critical to discuss your transfer coursework with a counselor by phone or via Zoom. Our counselors can explain the evaluation on a more comprehensive level, answer questions thoroughly, and prepare you for your next steps. Contact us today at to arrange an appointment as a follow-up to your preliminary evaluation.