Current Students

The residence hall agreement is for the entire academic year. If you will not be a registered student on campus for the entire year, do not sign and enter into this agreement.

Process Dates and General Information

How to sign up for R.O.C.K. Apartments (ROCK Apartments are full for undergraduate students 2019-2020.)

Online Room/Roommate Selection Dates

  • You must submit your residence hall agreement and pay your $175.00 advance deposit by Jan. 28. 

  • After submitting your deposit, the actual roommate and room selection process will not begin until the beginnning of February (see online selection dates above).

Important Notes

  • All rooms must be chosen at full occupancy.

  • Students must choose rooms in groups equal to the occupancy level in that room or suite. For example, you are unable to choose a four single suite with only three students, you must have four students.

  • All roommates/suitemates must be the same gender.

  • Fill out LLC Application (if interested).

  • After submitting the LLC application, general application, and deposit, you will be able to select your roommates and room at different dates.

Phase 1: Complete Housing Application