Current Students

The residence hall agreement is for the entire academic year. If you will not be a registered student on campus for the entire year, do not sign and enter into this agreement.

Process Dates and General Information

Online Room/Roommate Selection Dates

  • You must submit your residence hall agreement and pay your $175.00 advance deposit by Jan. 27. (see instructions below)

  • After submitting your deposit, the actual roommate and room selection process will not begin until mid-February (see online selection dates above).

Important Notes

  • All rooms must be chosen at full occupancy.

  • Students must choose rooms in groups equal to the occupancy level in that room or suite. For example, you are unable to choose a four single suite with only three students, you must have four students.

  • All roommates/suitemates must be the same gender.

  • Fill out LLC Application (if interested).

  • After submitting the LLC application, general application, and deposit, you will be able to select your roommates and room at different dates.

Phase 1: Complete Housing Application