Rates and Fees

Fall 2023/SPRING 2024

Buildings A, B, D, E, F & Watson Hall

(Suite Style Housing)

Double Studio

$3,507/person per semester

2 Single Studio:

$3,773/person per semester

Single Studio:

$4,460/person per semester

2 Single Suite:
1 bath
2 bath

$4,387/person per semester
$4,538/person per semester

4 Single Suite:

$4,154/person per semester

Double Suite

$3,896/person per semester

*An on-campus meal plan is required for Residential Suites and Traditional Halls.

North Hall and Rhoads Hall

(Traditional Housing)

Double Traditional

$1,744/person per semester

Super Double (4 w/ restroom)

$2,091/person per semester

Single Traditional

$2,612/person per semester

Fall 2023/SPRING 2024

R.O.C.K. Apartments

R.O.C.K. Apartments:

$2,785/person per semester* plus a one-time $250.00 advance utility fee ($125.00 for Spring semester only)

*A meal plan is not required but may be purchased.

Note: Housing rates and room configurations are subject to change without notice. Students whose housing assignment has changed to a higher cost room style than originally selected will receive information about billing and aid.