SRU launches new virtual tour


Virtual Tour

Jan. 29, 2016

SLIPPERY ROCK, Pa. - The opportunity for students to visualize where they will attend class, live and study is an important piece in the search for the right school. In fact, studies have shown that students who visit a university campus are twice as likely to enroll as students who do not visit.

To ensure that potential Slippery Rock University students, particularly those who live some distance from campus, have an opportunity to see "The ROCK," the University has developed and launched a new virtual tour.

Available at, the feature provides visitors with an opportunity to see campus facilities and grounds through a guided walking tour, with 360-degree panoramic photos, videos and other still imagery. During the tour, visitors can request more information, apply or schedule a physical visit.

The tour allows prospective students to "visit campus" from a remote location using a computer or smart phone. There is an additional virtual reality piece that students can use with their smart phones to walk inside classrooms and buildings. Additionally, visitors stopping by campus after normal business hours or on weekends will be able to take a self-guided tour around campus using the application's location services.

"With increased attention on expansion of our recruitment reach across Pennsylvania and to non-resident and international venues having a tour of this nature is critical," said Amanda Yale, associate provost for enrollment management. "We feel we've developed a robust virtual tour which includes both undergraduate and graduate versions.

"The virtual tour includes the ability to see campus buildings inside and out, hear testimonials from students and experience interactive features that provide a sense of being on campus without actually traveling to SRU."

Audio for the tour will be available in five languages: English, Mandarin, Spanish, Turkish and Vietnamese.

In addition to the web version of the tour, SRU recruiters will be able to travel with a 3D version designed similar to that of VR-based video games.

As part of the tour experience, users complete a brief profile of their academic interests before launching the tour. This information is provided to SRU's admissions office to allow recruiters to follow-up with prospective students.

Additional images and videos can be added to the tour as they are developed.

The Office of Enrollment Services contracted with YouVisit, a technology company founded in 2009 by three international students at Brandeis University in Massachusetts, to develop SRU's virtual tour.

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