SRU spring enrollment shows gain in graduate, out-of-state students


Maltby from above

Feb. 15, 2019

SLIPPERY ROCK, Pa. - Slippery Rock University's 15-day enrollment report saw gains in the number of graduate and out-of-state students attending the institution. Overall, the University enrolled 8,275 students for the spring 2019 semester, a decrease of 93 students or 1.11 percent, when compared to last year's figure of 8,368.

Graduate student headcount increased by 90 students (7.69 percent), from 1,170 to 1,260. Undergraduate headcount decreased by 183 students (2.54 percent), from 7,198 to 7,015. Credit hours generated totaled 111,626.6 as compared to last year's 112,906.5, reflecting a decrease of 1,279.9 hours (1.13 percent).

Total in-state enrollment decreased by 88 students (7,366), while total out-of-state enrollment increased by six student (834) comparted to last year.

Total undergraduate credit hours generated dipped by 1.77 percent, while total graduate credit hours generated jumped 5.72 percent from 9,584.5 to 10,132.6.

The University posted diversity increases in Native American/Alaskan Native (20 percent); Hispanic (3.06 percent); two or more races (1.3 percent) and Unknown (37.86 percent) students.

There are 3,401 male students and 4,874 female students.

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