SRU password reset tool saves users time, frustration


Bailey Library

Feb. 21, 2019

SLIPPERY ROCK, Pa. - If you've ever come up blank while sitting in front of your screen, while trying to access your Slippery Rock University email or mySRU account, you know the definition of aggravation.

Rest easy, SRU's Office of Information and Administrative Technology Services has you covered. The next time you come up empty in the memory department or realize it's Day 91, you'll no longer have to call the HelpDesk to access your SRU email or MySRU account. With the help of a new password self-maintenance tool the department has implemented, gaining access to your account is " ... so easy, a caveman can do it," said John Ziegler, SRU associate provost of information and administrative technology services.

At the beginning of each semester, IATS receives more than 1,000 requests for password changes. The rate slows minimally during the semester with IATS staff called on to reset up to 500 passwords per week. That process, said Ziegler, could take upwards of 30 minutes, depending on how many people request assistance on any given day.

"They say if you cut your driving time down by two hours a day you can save two hours of sleep," said Ziegler. "Along those same lines, if students use this new tool, they will cut down on the time it will take to recover access to their account and save themselves some frustration as well, and that's a price tag you can't put a number on."

This tool now gives students, faculty and staff the ability to reset their SRU passwords by having a code sent to them via text, phone call or secondary email. "This style of reset tool is already used by many companies, including banks, email providers and social media platforms, so the concept shouldn't be foreign to most people," said Ziegler.

"We talked to students and discovered that a tool like this would be the most convenient. It's very easy to work with."

Erik Anderson, SRU manager of technology services, added that the tool is accessible at any time, from any place. "We understand that many people involved with the University aren't necessarily on campus during business hours and they need access, if they've lost it, in the evenings and during weekends. This tool will make things much easier for everyone."

To configure this tool, log in to MySRU and click on the "Account Maintenance" link on the Home tab. After clicking on the link, you will be required to log in with your current password. You will then be given the option to configure a phone number and/or personal email address as authentication methods for password recovery. If choosing to recover by phone, enter a telephone number and select to either receive a text or phone call. You will then be contacted at the telephone number you provided to complete the verification process. If choosing to recover by email, enter a personal email address that is NOT your SRU email address. Users will then receive a verification code either by text or email address. Enter the code and click "verify."

"If people take 30 seconds to set this up, they'll save themselves 10 or more minutes (of wait time) ," Ziegler said. "And, they'll be able to get on with their day that much quicker."

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