SRU art students to host virtual exhibition, ‘MOSAIC: Individually Together’


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Fifteen emerging artists of SRU's Art Department collaborate to create the virtual exhibition MOSAIC: Individually Together to showcase original work across drawing, painting, printmaking and more.

March 26, 2021

SLIPPERY ROCK, Pa. — The work of emerging student artists at Slippery Rock University will be on display now through April 30 via a virtual exhibition, "MOSAIC: Individually Together."

Participating student artists are enrolled in the University's professional practices course, Art Seminar, and under the instruction of Heather Hertel, professor of art.

"Each spring, students would normally have the opportunity to put together an exhibition and host a reception, and it's at those receptions where there is a lot of conversation (about the works) and attendees get to physically experience the artwork," said Hertel. "This year, though, because of the pandemic, we had to get creative with transitioning these very social and physical events to an online platform."

That transition led the class to use Instagram's gallery feature to create a virtual art gallery, while also using Facebook to expand their presence. Each student would be allocated three posts, with one post serving as a video introduction to the artist and two posts showcasing two pieces of their work. Artwork could include paintings, printmaking, drawing, photography and digital art.

It is through this piecing together of diverse artists and mediums distanced due to COVID-19 that provided the exhibition with its theme of being "individually together."

"Even though we are all apart, we, the students and professors, are adapting and still finding ways to work together, and we are hoping to showcase that through this virtual exhibition," said Victoria Grabosky, a senior art major from Wexford and one of the show's exhibitors.

Other featured student artists include:

  • Chelsea Burkhouse, a junior art major from Bradford.
  • Robin Cleary, a senior art major from Pittsburgh.
  • Julia Csuk, a junior art major from Venetia.
  • Trisha Donnelly, a junior art major from Cowansville.
  • Hannah Green, a junior art major from Saxonburg.
  • Jeffery Gunn, a junior art major from Coudersport.
  • Lawrence Hill, a senior art major from Verona.
  • Elizabeth Hines, a senior art major from Slippery Rock.
  • James Hoang, a senior art major from Butler.
  • Meghan Joyce, a junior art major from Wexford.
  • Rebecca Kifer, a junior art major from Hermitage.
  • Vera Pieri, a junior art major from Slippery Rock.
  • Shelbey Tharpe, a junior art major from Pittsburgh.
  • Deanna Wood, a junior art major from Mercer.

In addition to showcasing the work of SRU art students, a virtual April 1 reception will also honor the winners of the Third Annual SRU Draw, a drawing competition sponsored by the University's Art Department in January. That event invited high school students from 15 different schools to submit their artwork on Instagram. Students were judged by three Art Department faculty, including Hertel, in regards to technique, imagination and clear documentation.

"These students have adapted to these drastic changes and are not only artists, they have stepped into roles as directors, coordinators and more that will serve them well beyond SRU," said Hertel. "Though, for now, we are just excited to recognize and share the work of these amazing students with the rest of the community."

The 7 p.m., April 1 reception is free and open to the public and will be available via the exhibition's Facebook page or Instagram feed.

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