SRU to stage campus emergency drill April 19


Campus Police Car

April 2, 2018

Editors' note: This story is the first in a series regarding Slippery Rock University's April 19 campus emergency drill.

SLIPPERY ROCK, Pa. - With an ever-vigilant eye on the continuous safety of its students, faculty and staff, Slippery Rock University has scheduled a campus emergency drill that will occur between 8-10 a.m., April 19. Mark this on your calendar. The drill is an opportunity for the University and local authorities to practice protocols in case of a campus emergency. This is only a drill.

In other words, don't be alarmed by the sights and sounds of emergency response vehicles racing onto campus and the swift and decisive actions of police and fire squads the morning of the event. All activities are being conducted to test the readiness of campus should an incident happen in the future.

"One of the lessons that we have learned from the many recent tragedies that our country has been witness to, such as what happened in Parkland, Florida, is that you can never be ready enough to respond to all types of situations that might occur on campus," said Paul Novak, SRU's executive director of planning and environmental health and safety.

Drill activities will occur in and around Swope Music Hall and will involve a mock emergency situation to which University Police, campus units and the Slippery Rock Borough Fire Department, EMS and Police will respond. Music department personnel have been notified and are involved with the planning for the drill.

As it would in the case of a "real" event, the University's e2Campus alert system will be utilized to inform the campus about what is happening and what people are expected to do.

Persons that have not already signed up to receive SRU's emergency alerts from e2Campus can do so at:

"We want to follow what would be normal protocol during a crisis, but we also don't want to create any undue panic. For that reason, every communication will be clearly identified as a 'drill alert' to emphasize the events taking place are not real," said Robb King, associate executive director for communication and public affairs.

In preparation for the drill, students, faculty and staff are advised to review the information provided in the "SRU Emergency Procedures Guidelines for Employees, Students and Visitors," The guide can be found at:

All students, faculty and staff will be asked to participate in the drill by following instructions that will be provided to all constituents via the e2campus and Metis emergency communication systems. These systems will be used throughout the drill to keep the campus informed prior to, during and at the end of the drill. An "all clear" message will be sent at the conclusion of the drill.

"On the day of the drill, students are expected to attend classes as they normally would. If a class period has ended and the drill is still in progress, students should remain in their classrooms until the 'all clear' drill alert is issued through e2Campus," Novak said.

"It is our hope that those areas not directly involved with the actual drill activities will use this as an opportunity to discuss what they should do in the event of a real incident. For example, where should we go in the case of tornado? What does shelter in place mean? Do I know where the emergency exits are? Things of that nature."

Following the conclusion of the drill, normal campus activities will resume.

For additional details regarding the April 19 campus emergency drill, contact Novak at: 724.738.2465 or

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