SRU announces revisioning of community engagement groups


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Slippery Rock University will be unifying its community engagement groups into one administrative unit in the coming months.

April 18, 2024

SLIPPERY ROCK, Pa. — Slippery Rock University will be unifying its community engagement efforts through a collaborative restructuring and revisioning process of three groups: the Office for Community-Engaged Learning, Butler SUCCEED and the Institute for Nonprofit Leadership. This will not involve staff reductions and each group will continue its work during the restructuring process, but their current names and office location will be discontinued in the coming months as a part of our strategic revisioning of SRU's community engagement infrastructure.

"The ultimate goal is to create a single administrative unit that will allow SRU students, faculty and staff to more effectively engage with both existing and prospective community partners," said SRU Provost Michael Zieg. "SRU remains committed to engaging with our community partners to listen, learn and share, while working together to develop and implement innovative solutions to the complex issues facing our communities, region and world."

The following offices and groups are currently leading SRU's community engagement efforts:

  • The Office for Community-Engaged Learning supports curricular and co-curricular community engagement opportunities for campus constituents in partnership with local community organizations. The office is currently located in Spotts World Culture Building.
  • Butler SUCCEED supports engagement and mutually beneficial partnerships between members of the SRU community and Butler city and county residents and organizations. SRU will not be renewing the lease of the center's office space at 150 N. Main Street in Butler, and will instead use other meeting spaces for community outreach.
  • The Institute for Nonprofit Leadership supports nonprofit professionals and their organizations in western Pennsylvania, while also serving as a professional association for SRU students working toward careers in the nonprofit sector. INL is currently housed in Spotts World Cultures Building.

The existing leaders of these groups, together with our community partners and the Provost's Office, will engage in a collaborative process to identify ways to coordinate and enhance the University's community engagement initiatives.

This restructuring will be conducted in the context of SRU's new Strategic Plan, announced last week, and in concert with the work already begun to renew the Carnegie Elective Community Engagement Classification that the University earned in 2020, in which SRU became one of approximately 350 institutions to hold this national recognition.

"More details about the restructuring will emerge in the coming months," Zieg said. "We are excited to take this opportunity to work even closer and more effectively with our community partners. We are stronger when we work together. That applies to our work in the community and our own organizational structures."

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