SRU earns distinction for career development


John Snyder working with Marissa Ferrera

Marisa Ferrara, '19, reviews her resume and LinkedIn account with John Snyder, associate director of career education and development.

July 18, 2019

SLIPPERY ROCK, Pa. — Slippery Rock University, the proud recipient of Field of Study badges in education and nursing from Colleges of Distinction, has been awarded a badge for its accomplishments in student career development.

The badge was awarded to the University for "exceeding expectations in the area of career development, equipping students with the self-reflection, job market research and networking skills needed for their lifelong career journey."

"Few questions are going to be on students' minds more often than some version of 'What am I going to do after graduation?'," said Tyson Schritter, chief operating officer for Colleges of Distinction. "Schools awarded the career development badge have shown that they are well equipped to help their students graduate with confidence. SRU provides unparalleled support throughout every stage of career exploration, development and application."

Career Development badge

"Institutions with a career development badge not only exhibit high-impact practices in their undergraduate programs, but they also meet further criteria specific to career development and services including integrated career exploration and preparation, accessible programs and training and have career-centered staffs that provide terrific student assessments and beneficial employer relations," said Erin Pettus, vice president of outreach for COD.

"Our name alone, Career Education and Development, infers that the career process at SRU is not a one-and-done proposition," said John Rindy, director of SRU's Office of Career Education and Development.

"We are deliberate about engaging students even before they arrive so that they are compelled to use our office throughout their time here. Students, alumni, faculty, employers - everyone who engages with us - knows that we explore the most recent career research, labor market data and advice from our employer partners. Doing so helps us to create an optimal mix of career assignments, coaching and programming that brings job seekers and employers together in the most effective ways.

"Our latest employment numbers, from the December 2018 graduating cohort, were overwhelmingly strong. In fact, they reflected the highest full time employment rates we've ever seen and that tells us that our students are clearly taking their career development seriously and that we are distinctive and purposeful in how we coach students into their futures."

SRU's Office of Career Education and Development supports students and alumni in their learning and career development through person-to-person appointments, career management tools, speaking events, networking venues, on-campus employer interviews and career expos and job fairs.

The office serves a broad array of stakeholders including students and alumni, faculty and administrators, employers, parents and even community members, tailoring services to the needs of each particular group.

COD previously named SRU both a national and Pennsylvania "College of Distinction" for 2019-20.

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