Strain building facade

The name on the wall says it all. Thirteen months after being approved by the Slippery Rock University council of trustees, the former Strain Behavioral Sciences Building saw its new name, Strain Safety Building, go up outside the building July 19. Opened in 1938, the building was officially named May 30, 1979 in honor of the late Warren Strain, who served as the inaugural chair of the geography department during the 1930s. The more than 32,000 square foot building has historically housed the sciences, counseling and development, nursing, psychology, ROTC and accounting programs. Now home to SRU's nationally recognized safety management program, the renaming of the facility more accurately reflects the purpose of the building. Construction continues throughout the summer on the building with improvements and updates that include: new air conditioning, windows, restrooms, faculty offices, student study spaces, ROTC student lounge, student art gallery, construction/general industry safety labs, improved industrial hygiene and emergency preparedness/fire safety labs and updated classrooms.