SRU program aims to welcome, orient new faculty


President Behre addressses the new hires

Slippery Rock University President William Behre welcomed a group of new faculty to the opening of a three-day orientation Aug. 22. 

Aug. 20, 2018

SLIPPERY ROCK, Pa. - Slippery Rock University's new faculty are meeting today through Aug. 22 to get to know one another and learn more about how to be successful at the University. The annual new faculty orientation program is taking place at the Russell Wright Alumni House and Conference Center.

During the three-day program, faculty will learn basic information about the institution and its resources, which will prepare them to develop as professionals and contribute to their students' success. A variety of representatives from campus offices, as well as students, will introduce new faculty to everything from navigating technology to grasping campus culture.

SRU President William Behre, who is also a campus newbie, having just started July 1, will welcome participants to the campus.

"By being new to SRU, I'm also learning about the institution, so I can appreciate the importance of a thorough orientation program," Behre said. "Our faculty are a strong part of the University and often the primary connection to our students, so it's critical that new faculty are well-prepared and have an immediate sense they are part of the SRU community."

New faculty members will explore the University's culture and strategic plan through a series of sessions that focus on topics such as:

• Campus technology, security procedures and accessing internal databases and library recourses.
• Professional development and faculty mentorship programs, with a presentation from SRU's Center for Teaching and Learning, in which faculty begin building their electronic portfolios, prepare for their first-year evaluations and access modules to learn affective teaching practices.
• Getting students involved, understanding student services and the institution's policies on academic integrity. A panel of students will share what it's like to be in the classroom at SRU.
• Workplace business, such as obtaining a parking permit and identification card.

Faculty joining SRU for fall 2018 are:


• Pierre Bowins, art
• Deanna Brookens, theatre
• Jian Cheng, mathematics and statistics
• Emily Dolan, communication
• Cassandra Eisenreich, music
• Benjamin Gordon, exercise and rehabilitation sciences
• Abel Gyan, business
• Jonathan Henry, homeland and corporate security studies
• Mark Hogue, secondary education
• Baek-Kyoo "Brian" Joo, business
• Mohammad Kazemi, physics and engineering
• Laura Kelley, elementary education/early childhood
• Ashley Loe, chemistry
• Chris Maltman, biology
• Pragati Rawat, political science
• Beth Rice, psychology
• Nazmul Rony, communication
• Jeffrey Roth, criminology/security studies
• Christina Silva, nursing
• Lisa Schoenberg, philosophy


• Maurice Dickey, homeland and corporate security studies
• Micah Holt, music
• Molly Parsons, athletics
• Ben Robinson, music
• Juliana Amir, English
• Michael Arrington, public health and social work
• Christa Brahler, academic services
• Malick Coley, modern languages and cultures
• Jesse Factor, dance
• Cassandra Frank, library
• Christopher Frye, Jr., public health and social work
• Joshua Gilliland, geography, geology and environment
• Jamie Hunt, art
• Nicholas Katsiadas, English
• David Oakley, geography, geology and environment
• James Porter, mathematics and statistics
• Robert Richardson, mathematics and statistics
• Kenneth Saban, business
• Patrick Santavicca, business
• Samuel Staples, criminology and security studies
• Christopher Wyatt, English
• Jun Zhang, mathematics and statistics

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