SRU’s emergency alert system changes name, adds new features


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Slippery Rock University’s emergency alert system has a new name. In an effort to represent the full scope of its emergency alert system, Omnilert has renamed e2Campus, Campus Alerts.

Aug. 30, 2018

SLIPPERY ROCK, Pa. - Omnilert, the parent company that owns and operates Slippery Rock University's emergency alert system, has given its "child" a makeover, including a new name. The service, formerly known as e2Campus, is now called Campus Alerts.

"While the name has changed, the critical service this system provides remains the same," said Darcy White, director of SRU web communication and development.

When there's an emergency or changes to the University schedule because of a weather event, members of the campus community are notified by text message through Campus Alerts (formerly known as e2Campus). The mass notification system also sends messages to registered users' email and from the University's official Facebook and Twitter accounts, White said.

"We want people to know three things: one, if you are a current e2Campus subscriber, you don't have to do anything because of this name change, you are still subscribed; two: When you read about or get a message from Campus Alerts, it's not spam, it's the new name for e2Campus; three: Campus Alerts can save lives. Every student, faculty and staff member should register to receive emergency notifications," White said.

In addition to changing the name of their emergency notification system, Omnilert upgraded the product. New subscribers will find a more user-friendly sign-up page, which will allow them to receive alerts via a variety of modalities including text, email and mobile apps.

"New users will automatically be enrolled for four years. In the past, users had to choose an expiration date. That caused some confusion because often individuals thought they were signed up for the system, but their registration had expired because they set it for one year. Any user can change their expiration date at any time. Now before your registration expires you'll receive a notice to renew if you choose to do so," White said.

The system will continue to be opt in and users will be responsible for any messaging charges from their wireless service provider.

"We only will use the Campus Alerts system for emergency purposes, and we'll never share user information with any other third party," White stressed.

Click here to access links to either log in or sign up for Campus Alerts. Click here for links to SRU's main social media channels, from which emergency alerts will be delivered.

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