SRU kicks off Alumni Speaker Series with Niki Campbell, Oct. 21


Oct. 7, 2020

SLIPPERY ROCK, Pa. — As Slippery Rock University's Alumni Speaker Series resumes for the 2020-21 academic year with a new format, the first speaker has a timely message about adapting and being open to new experiences. Niki Campbell, a 1996 SRU graduate with a degree in English writing, will speak via Zoom, 6:30-8 p.m., Oct. 21. Previous speakers presented in person but this year's events will be virtual to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

"The past six months during the pandemic have shown a lot of people that maybe now is the time to embrace a different way of working or a different career path and challenge themselves to do something new," Campbell said. "(Life-changing) events - like 9/11 did 20 years ago, or now with COVID - bring that to the forefront. It's important for people to see that you can start in a completely different field or academic major, such as the humanities, and find yourself in a field like science or health care 20 years later and still have the benefit of your original education."

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Campbell is a perfect example and will share her story in a presentation titled "Being Open to New Challenges and Learning as You Go." Campbell started her career in public relations, but in 2015, after working five years in corporate communication for McDonald's, changed careers and eventually launched her own coaching and consulting firm, The Flourish Group, helping executives, entrepreneurs and other professionals improve their health and well-being.

"My SRU education really equipped me to transition to a completely different career,"

Campbell said. "When I decided to go into being a health coach and a personal trainer, I felt very prepared because I'm able to communicate really well with people. I'm able to get my message across, which is really important when you're trying to coach somebody to live a healthier lifestyle. Having an SRU education as a foundation is good for being open to wherever your career might take you."

Campbell, a resident of Mars, has a great affinity for a Rock education and motivation for sharing a message with the SRU community. Her husband, Dan, '91, and daughter, Carley (Steele), '15, are also SRU graduates.

"I will take any opportunity to reconnect with my alma mater because I'm so grateful for the education that I received and the support from the professors in both the English and Communication departments," Campbell said. "They were very instrumental in helping me get an internship and setting me on the path of public relations and writing. I just want to pay it forward and help in any way I can because I believe in the SRU experience."

A link to register and receive a link to the Zoom meeting is available on SRU Alumni Association website. The event is sponsored by the SRU Alumni Association; the Green and White Society, a student organization at SRU; and Houston Harbaugh, a Pittsburgh-based law firm.

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