SRU's Winter Session draws students looking to get ahead, explore


Apple and stethoscope

Oct. 16, 2017

SLIPPERY ROCK, Pa. - Just hear those keyboards tapping, click-click click-a-ling, too/ Come on, it's lovely weather for a Winter Session at S-R-U/ Outside the snow is falling and friends are calling "yoo hoo"/ But inside it's lovely weather for an online lesson for you...

Our apologies to Mitchell Parish for taking liberties with his classic Sleigh Ride lyrics, but Slippery Rock University's Winter Session, Dec. 20 - Jan. 16, is arguably one of those wonderful things of academic life you want to sing about.

"Winter Session provides a great opportunity for students to catch up, get ahead or take courses they haven't had time to take during the normal course of the semester," said David Wilmes, associate provost for student success.

"We conducted a student survey last year about Summer and Winter Sessions and students were overwhelmingly in support of the sessions and the opportunity each provides in terms of keeping them on track for a four-year graduation," Wilmes said.

Registration for Winter Session begins Nov. 6 for SRU students and Nov. 20 for students from other institutions, who, with permission, may transfer earned credits to their home institution. First-year and transfer students who had planned to start their SRU experience in the spring semester are eligible to enroll in the Winter Session.

"In addition to getting ahead and staying on track, one the key reasons enrollment for Winter Session is so strong is because of the fact it also allows students to save money," said Amanda Yale, associate provost for enrollment management.

"If you graduate in four years, you're saving on tuition, fees and room and board whether it's on campus or off and that's a big factor when looking at whether or not you may need another six or so credits to graduate. Winter, as well as Summer, session provides that flexibility to get you to where you need to be or want to be, in terms of earning your degree when you want.

"And if you've changed your major, it's a perfect time to get back on course," she said.

Yale said that approximately 1,800 students will take advantage of SRU's nearly 200 course offering during the Winter Session, the bulk of which are available online.

"Not only are there SRU students enrolled," said Yale, "but a have a variety of students from other institutions across the state and otherwise - visiting and transient students - that take advantage of what we have available."

Wilmes added that Winter Session courses have been found to be an important student success factor.

"Students really appreciate the opportunity to work ahead in their degree plan, round out their experience with electives, or retake courses in which they may not have received a passing grade," said Wilmes.

"These days, our students have many competing demands, including work and family obligations. Winter Session allows them to build a buffer into their degree plan so that they can stay on track to a traditional, four-year graduation."

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