Winter Session at SRU is from Dec. 19 to Jan. 14

Winter Session

Earn up to 7 credits in less than one month. Dec. 15 - Jan. 6

Winter Session

The primary purpose of Winter Session is to provide you with an additional opportunity to take courses and earn credit toward graduation at SRU, and to do it fully online. We offer a range of online courses to current students, newly accepted spring first-year students, transfer, graduate, and non-SRU students. If you are a non-SRU student, you can transfer the credit earned from SRU to your home institution. Please check with your home institution on how the course(s) taken at SRU during Winter Session may be used to count toward your degree.

Why enroll in classes offered during Winter Session? You can:

  • Fulfill an outstanding degree requirement
  • Save your summer months for a job, internship, or other plans
  • Improve your grade point average
  • Get ahead on your credits
  • Take a class that is full this spring