SRU implementing new online verification process for students and employees


MySRU login screen

Slippery Rock University students, faculty and staff will be prompted to use a two-step verification process to access any information protected by their SRU login credentials as part of a new security protocol that will be implemented by January 2021.

Nov. 5, 2020

SLIPPERY ROCK, Pa. — As Slippery Rock University students, faculty and staff continue to learn and work remotely, the University is taking greater precautions to protect the campus from online threats such as cybercrimes, phishing schemes and other ways that personal information can be compromised. During the next three months, any person with an email address with be prompted to use a two-step verification process to access information protected by their SRU login credentials.

This means that when SRU students, faculty or staff attempt to log in to their SRU email, MySRU, D2L or any other SRU online system, for the first time from a particular location or device, they will be prompted by a separate method to confirm that they are attempting to log in. The second step of verification can be completed by responding to a text message, automated phone call, email sent to an alternate address or by downloading and using a Microsoft Authenticator app.

John Ziegler


"As we work in a more remote environment, it's very important that the University protects people's information and our data sources," said John Ziegler, associate provost of information and administrative technology services. "Users won't be asked for two-step verification every time they attempt to log in, just when they are detected as logging in for the first time."

Once the security protocols are implemented, SRU users will be prompted when logging in to their accounts to set up their preferred second step of verification. The process will be first implemented for SRU staff who access confidential information beginning Nov. 11. After that, other faculty and staff will begin to see these prompts, followed by students on or after Nov. 25. The protocols will be implemented for the entire campus by mid-January 2021.

In addition to the remote environment that many SRU students, faculty and staff are encountering, Ziegler said that the reasons two-step verification is being implemented now is to anticipate compliance for federal laws that are making this type of authentication to access private data mandatory.

The security protocols will also better protect the SRU community from phishing schemes, which occurs when cybercriminals trick users into providing them their login credentials.

"If a person's credentials are stolen and later used to hack into their account, this verification process alerts the user and provides another layer of protection," Ziegler said. "This is something that many banks and credit card companies are already using for their customers."

More information about the new two-step verification process will be available on SRU's Information and Administrative Technology Services webpage, or by calling the Help Desk at 724.738.HELP (4357) or emailing

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