Hrizo’s research about TPI deficiency published


March 16, 2021

Stacy Hrizo, a Slippery Rock University associate professor of biology, wrote a paper that was published in Neurobiology of Disease, an open-access journal that serves as a forum for the interface between basic and clinical neuroscience. Hrizo’s paper is titled “Identification of protein quality control regulators using a Drosophila model of TPI deficiency.” As part of the research for the paper, Hrizo collaborated with a lab at the University of Pittsburgh Medical School to screen more than 500 genes for a role in a neurodegenerative disorder called TPI deficiency, which is a rare disorder without a treatment that causes death for most children with the disorder. Funded by two National Institutes of Health grants, the research focuses on gene targets in a human cell system and evaluates compounds that affect them for potential therapy development.