SRU social work faculty and alumni publish articles


April 25, 2024

Yvonne Eaton-Stull, a Slippery Rock University associate professor of social work, Christopher Streidl, a SRU assistant professor of social work, and Denna Hays, a SRU assistant professor of social work, co-authored a research paper that was published in the Research on Social Work Practice journal.

The article titled, “Animal-Assisted Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Groups for Those Who are Incarcerated: A Pre-Post-Test Study,” argues the benefits of animal-assisted dialectical behavior among Crawford County Correctional Facility inmates at risk for or currently self-harming. Mary Bauer, ’23, and Sherry Rigel, ’22, both graduates with master’s degrees in social work, were also co-authors of the study.

Eaton-Stull also published an article titled “Social Work Education: Projects to Enhance Student Knowledge and Application of the Interaction of Environmental Sustainability, Animal Welfare and Human Well-being,” that was published in the Social Work in Mental Health journal. The article, based on projects produced in a Master of Social Work classroom setting, explores how environmental issues affect interactions between humans and animals.