Boron, Davis, Kleinhans published in chemistry journal


April 30, 2021

A Slippery Rock University professor and two SRU alumni coauthored research that was published in Polyhedron, a journal that publishes original, fundamental, experimental and theoretical work in areas of inorganic chemistry. Thaddeus Boron, an associate professor of chemistry, and Andrew Davis and Stephen Kleinhans, 2016 SRU graduates with degrees in chemistry, were among eight coauthors of a study titled “Identification of slow magnetic relaxation and magnetocoolant capabilities of heterobimetallic lanthanide-manganese metallacrown-like compounds.” The study, in collaboration with faculty and students at Shippensburg University and the University of Michigan, examined how changing lanthanide ions, which are a series of metallic chemical elements, affects the overall magnetic properties of molecules. Davis, who is currently a graduate student at Syracuse University, received funding for the project through the Summer Undergraduate Research Experience when he was a student at SRU.