SRU blood pressure study published in ACSM journal


July 24, 2020

A faculty-student research team from Slippery Rock University recently had a study about inter-arm blood pressure differences published in the Translational Journal of the American College of Sports Medicine, the peer-reviewed journal of the nation's leading professional association in the field of sports medicine.

The study, titled "Observations of the Exercise-Induced Interarm Blood Pressure Difference," was based on research conducted at SRU beginning in 2017. Large contrasts in blood pressure differences between arms in people who are at rest is an indicator of health risks and the SRU team examined the effects exercise had on inter-arm blood pressure.

Co-authors on the study included Michael Holmstrup and Brock Jensen, associate professors of exercise and rehabilitative sciences, as well as SRU graduates Maureen Walsh, '18, Melanie Clarke, '18, and Sarah Allen, '19, each of whom earned degrees in exercise science.