Kemeny, Bright teach adaptive tai chi at Pittsburgh VA


August 23, 2022

Betsy Kemeny, a Slippery Rock University associate professor of recreational therapy, and Heather Bright, an assistant professor of recreational therapy, participated in an adaptive Tai Chi training with VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System this August.

During a three-day workshop, the professors and other VA staff learned how to instruct veterans in the healing art of wheelchair/applied tai chi chuan, a new form of adaptive sports that combines the rolling and turning of a wheelchair with dynamic, gentle and flowing tai chi chuan movements.

The professors were also joined by three SRU alumni who are now VA medical center employees: Allie Schmolly, ’17, with a degree recreational therapy; Casandra Liberta, ’19, with a degree in recreational therapy; and Christian Garner, ’10, ’11M, with degrees in exercise science and adapted physical activity.