McGinty’s AV expertise shared by The Baffler, PAVE


Sept. 23, 2020


Patrick McGinty, a Slippery Rock University instructor of English, wrote an article about autonomous vehicles that was published in the magazine The Baffler, and he conducted a virtual presentation on the subject for Partners for Automated Vehicle Education.

McGinty’s article, titled “Driving into the Wreck,” appeared in the July issue of The Baffler, and it addressed how literature about autonomous vehicles is evolving and outpacing the actual industry that produces AVs. The Baffler is an American magazine of cultural, political and business analysis that publishes six issues annually.

For his 
PAVE virtual panel, McGinty explained how he incorporated AVs into liberal arts education. McGinty teaches a University Seminar class at SRU about driverless cars. PAVE is a coalition of industry, nonprofits and academics whose mission is “informing the public about the future of our roads.”