LaCom and Kuehn organize and present at Voices for Juvenile Justice conference


October 27, 2022

Sarah Kuehn, a Slippery Rock University associate professor of criminology and criminal justice, and Cindy LaCom, an SRU professor of nonprofit management, empowerment, and diversity studies, organized the inaugural Voices for Juvenile Justice Conference earlier this month in Pittsburgh.

As members of Voices for Juvenile Justice, a diverse group working to empower youth, build community and create a more just and equitable juvenile justice system, Kuehn and LaCom organized and hosted roundtable discussions.

Kuehn facilitated the roundtable, “Second Chances: Schools, Education, and the Juvenile Justice System.”LaCom facilitated the roundtable, “Gender, Race, and Juvenile Justice Reform: Rethinking the ‘Man Code.’”