Harry has article published in SSA Yearbook


Nov. 4, 2019

Joseph Harry, a Slippery Rock University associate professor of communication, recently had a research article published in the Semiotic Society of America Yearbook, "Semiotics 2018: Signs of Resilience."

Harry's article, "A Curious Case of Semiotic Deja Vu: The Hypoiconic Diagram and Symbolic Reminiscence," explores the concept of reminiscence as a step in the process of determining meaning. Reminiscence was first introduced by Charles Peirce, the late pragmatist philosopher who is considered the founder of American semiotic logic, known as the logic of signs. Harry's analysis concluded that reminiscence, in Peirce's context, functions as a sign type for thinking through logical problems and is not to be confused with its everyday meaning of a pleasant, wistful reflection.

The SSA is a transdisciplinary professional organization that serves a diverse community of scholars with common interests in the study of signs and sign systems. The SSA Yearbook is its annual publication of member submitted scholarly works.