Eberhardinger's internet meme article published


Nov. 12, 2019

Mary Eberhardinger, a Slippery Rock University instructor of communication, wrote an article about internet memes that was recently published in an academic journal.

Eberhardinger's article, "The Meme is the Message: Self-Care Internet Memes," was published in the Peirce Studies, a peer-reviewed journal that celebrates contemporary applications and methodologies of the work of Charles Saunders Peirce, the late American semiotician and philosopher.

In the article, Eberhardinger argues that self-care memes, which are shared images online that offer commentary about coping with adult life, are a rhetorical response to neoliberal struggle.

Eberhardinger was also invited to give a guest talk about her article through a video conference to a graduate communication class at California State University, Los Angeles.