McGinty has four essays and reviews published


Nov. 15, 2022

Patrick McGinty, a Slippery Rock University assistant professor of languages, literatures, cultures and writing, has recently published four essays and reviews in online magazines and journals.

In The New Inquiry and Jacobin, McGinty reviewed recent books on cryptocurrency and considered their relationship to other memoirs and leftist politics: "Champagne Wishes and Crypto Dreams: Of course there are crypto memoirs--but how do they theorize history?,” in The New Inquiry; and "There is no Leftist Case for Crypto,” in Jacobin.

McGinty’s essay "Reading Soviet Sci Fi at the End of the World," in The Millions, recounted his journey reading Soviet science fiction during the pandemic, a hobby that was complicated by Russia's invasion of Ukraine. McGinty’s review of Alyssa Quinn's novel “Habilis,” in DIAGRAM, marvels at how it dissolves traditional narrative structure.