Zarit’s study of U.S. federal grants published


Nov. 23, 2020

Matthew Zarit, a Slippery Rock University instructor of political science, co-wrote an article that was published in the Public Administration Review, a bi-monthly professional journal of public administration research, theory and practice for the American Society for Public Administration.

Zarit’s article is titled “The Retraction of Policy Benefits across U.S. Federal Agencies: Programmatic Cutbacks and Executive Control of U.S. Federal Grant Retrenchments.” The study analyzed the reductions to existing U.S. federal grant awards, which is an overlooked aspect of cutbacks to budgeting affecting U.S. federal agencies. The co-authors, who also include George Krause from the University of Georgia, analyzed more than 745,000 grant retrenchments from 1988-2008 that revealed the distribution of programmatic cutbacks for public agencies that are responsive to presidential goals received less severe reductions to funding.