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President's Commissions

President's Commissions

The Presidential Commissions at Slippery Rock University lead and engage the campus community with a vision to create a culture of respect, acceptance and celebration of our differences and be challenged to be active practitioners of change.

Appointed by the President, students, staff, faculty and administrators volunteer their time and talents to collaborate with all campus constituents in promoting an inclusive and diverse campus community.


The President's Commissions partners with offices across the university to fulfill the mission of The President's Commissions and raise awareness of different multicultural competencies. We offere co-sponsorships and funding for the following types of events:

  • Diversity and inclusion workshops 
  • Guest speakers on cultural competency 
  • Events with goals to raise diversity, awareness/education and provide a sense of belonging


The President's Commissions fulfills funding requests for diversity related events and/or projects that directly relate to the our Mission Statement of The President's Commissions and would benefit the SRU campus climate. Please see the documents below for an in-depth description of application documents and public funds guidelines.

Slippery Rock University President's Commissions Event/Program Funding Request form

Expenditures of Public Funds Guidelines