Rocky, The Pride of The Rock

Biographical InformationSRU Rocky Logo

Name: Rocky, Pride of The Rock
Height: 6'0"
Weight: All Rock
Date of Birth: 1/1/07
Acquired: New recruit, signed 2/21/07
Hometown: Slippery Rock, PA
Major: Sport Management
Minor: Geology
Hobbies: Likes to attend Rock Athletic events, reads the Rocket, listens to Rock & Roll


After working out for several months at a Rocky Mountain resort and developing rock-hard muscles, Rocky made its debut at the SRU men's basketball game vs. California U. of Pa. on February 21, 2007. Its green and grey colors are said to be from the mossy green and grey rocks of Slippery Rock Creek.


All-PSAC and All-American, four-year letter winner in all sports at Slippery Rock University. Majored in Sport Management and excelled in classes that were voted "The Hardest to Pass" by fellow students. Did an internship at The Rocket student newspaper, where it wrote for the sports section. Also served apprenticeship in Rocky's Grill.


Resides at Morrow Field House on the Slippery Rock University campus ... Frequently seen climbing the Rock Wall at the Aebersold Student Recreation Center ... Favorite hangout is any of the Rock weight rooms where Rocky likes to work on its rock-hard abs ... Lists The Rolling Stones as its favorite rock group ... Favorite song is "Love is Like a Rock" ... Loves to hear anything rock & roll ... Likes Fruity Pebbles cereal for breakfast and treats himself to a little rock candy every now and then ... Enjoys reading The Rocket ... Favorite colors are green and white ... Loves to catch the Flintstones on Saturday mornings ... Vacations at NASA to watch the rockets take off ... Also enjoys hiking the Rocky Mountains ... Favorite action hero is The Rock ... Favorite movie is Rocky, and Rocky II, and Rocky III, and Rocky IV, and Rocky V, and Rocky VI ... Mainly enjoys attending Rock athletic events and other Slippery Rock functions ... Full name is Rocky III ... Born January 1, 2007 on the banks of the Slippery Rock Creek in Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania.

FAQ's about Rocky, Pride of The Rock

Why does Rocky look like a lion?

Slippery Rock University has a rich tradition of pride ... pride in the University as a whole and particularly in its athletic tradition. Rocky I, SRU's mascot from the early 1980s through 2000, looked like a rock, but didn't fully represent the pride we have at SRU. Rocky II, the mascot from 2000-2007, displayed the pride we have at SRU but didn't fully represent Slippery Rock University with the look. The new Rocky gives Slippery Rock University an original mascot that represents the pride, originality and the look of Slippery Rock University with honor. Rocky's green highlights, gray colors and the overall appearance are derived from all of the Rocky mascots and truly represent the pride shared by all at Slippery Rock University.

Rocky is The Pride of The Rock.

What is Slippery Rock University's nickname?

Slippery Rock University is THE ROCK!

Is Rocky available for other events besides athletics?

Yes, but Rocky has limited availability due to a tight schedule with classes, athletics and other university functions. You may check Rocky's availability for special events by e-mailing or calling University Communication and Public Affairs at 724.738.2091.

Rocky is the coolest cat in the PSAC!