Art Ceramics Bowl

Develop the Skills to Explore Creative, Technical, and Aesthetic Options in Clay

SRU's BFA Concentration in Ceramics prepares students for a variety of pathways in the art world

Art BFA: Concentration in Ceramics

Offered by: Art

The BFA in Art with a Concentration in Ceramics is designed for students interested in developing technical skills and creative expression with ceramic materials and related processes. Students will have opportunities to experience both functional and sculptural approaches alongside a range of design and firing techniques. Individual creative development is emphasized at advanced levels, as well as continuous exploration of traditional and contemporary possibilities; this includes incorporation of additional art mediums and cross-disciplinary collaborations.

Why Choose BFA Concentration in Ceramics?

The BFA in Art with Concentration in Ceramics is for students interested in developing the skills and knowledge required to explore creative, technical and aesthetic options in clay. A wide range of ceramic materials and processes will be utilized to aid individual creative endeavors.

What Will You Learn?

Students will learn historic and contemporary techniques in clay alongside the chemical aspects of ceramic materials at unfired and fired stages. This includes mandatory health and safety requirements in the production of ceramic utilitarian objects. They will learn a variety of clay construction methods, surface finishing options and kiln firings at both high and low temperature range. Students will improve conceptual and creative problem-solving skills along with design aesthetics. Advanced levels will learn basic business practices in areas such as art gallery relations, retail/wholesale production and commissioned projects.


By completing the BFA in Art with a concentration in ceramics, students can choose their careers in the ceramic manufacturing industry, art education, creative based community programs, art therapy, art gallery management, tableware design, studio potter, architectural ceramics and more.

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