SRU students offered advice for making the most of their spring break


Students on campus

Slippery Rock University students will depart campus for one week for spring break, March 12-20.

March 10, 2022

SLIPPERY ROCK, Pa. — As the halfway mark of the semester approaches, Slippery Rock University students are gearing up for spring break, March 12-20. This time of the year brings fatigue and stress to many students, but SRU has a plethora of resources available, supporting both their academic life and mental health, beyond simply not having to attend classes for a week.

During the week-long break, there are many ways for students to manage their time and get the most out from their time away from campus. Kenneth Messina, associate professor of counseling and development, provided information about the mental and emotional wellness aspects of spring break.

"A big question to ask yourself is, 'Where can I schedule in time to do activities that help me recharge?'" said Messina, who is the clinical director of SRU's Student Counseling Center, located on the first floor of Rhoads Hall. "Sometimes students get lost in other obligations that take away from their own self-care, which leads to feelings of stress when they return to campus. Planning specific recharging time helps take away from this."



The SCC provides brief, confidential counseling aimed at helping students to succeed academically and interpersonally. So far this year, the SCC is on pace to record its highest number of cases. Messina noted how the transitional period from online learning to in-person classes can be stressful for students and how students should take advantage of the time off.

"Students should actually take time to take a break," said Messina. "This has been a very stressful year, so it is OK to make it a priority just to relax."

Another campus resource is the Student Success Coaching Program, located in Room 104 of the Bailey Library, which provides advice, training sessions and other programming to help students reach their goals related to academics. Julie Ferringer, an SRU success coach and assistant director for academic success, emphasized the importance of schedule organization.

"The biggest thing to think about is 'pregaming' for spring break," Ferringer said. "Before you check out for this break, you should think about your upcoming agenda. Take inventory of your educational assignments and plan what you hope to accomplish, so you can hit the ground running when you return to campus."

Ferringer recommends making sure calendars are up to date, knowing instructors' office hours and allowing opportunities for self-care as ways to take advantage of the break. Ferringer also highlighted how not everyone's needs are the same.

"Some students might need to surround themselves with family with a little infusion of work,

Ferringer said. "Some are the opposite of that. It is about knowing yourself, your needs and your goals."

SRU students are encouraged to take advantage of campus resources upon returning to campus after spring break. The following events and opportunities are facilitated by the SCC and the Student Success Coaching Program, which include links to the CORE page for more information:

More information about the SCC and its hours are available on the center's webpage. More information about Success Coaching is available on its webpage.

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