Success Coaching

What is success coaching?

Success Coaching empowers students in their college transitions, goal setting, time management, academic habits, effective learning strategies, academic motivation, exam preparation, campus connections, and academic progress. Coaches work with students in one-on-one sessions and group workshops. Each session is individualized based on the student’s needs and goals. Our Success Coaches are certified by InsideTrack in Advanced Student Coaching.

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How we can help

One-on-one Coaching Sessions

When meeting with a Success Coach one-on-one, Success Coaches will:

  • Identify personal, social, and academic obstacles or areas of growth
  • Determine useful campus resources and social support
  • Co-construct an action plan for student success
  • Provide accountability and follow up

Group Coaching Programming

Success Coaches offer group coaching programming periodically throughout the academic year. Topics have included: owning your educational journey, academic stress management, finding balance among competing priorities, navigating the midterm slump, online learning essentials, fueling academic motivation, and final exam preparation.

Success Coaches offer group coaching available to all enrolled students, which is listed on our SRU CORE page, as well as collaborative sessions for specific groups. Past collaborators include Residence Life, the Emerging Leadership Experience, the Jump Start program, among other student organizations. If your group is interested in collaborating with us for a group coaching program, please contact us at

Academic Success Group Sessions

Students in poor academic standing are invited to participate in Academic Success Group sessions, which focus on a holistic approach to assisting students in their academics. Topics include: creating a success plan, self-directed learning, forming healthy academic habits, challenges with motivation/procrastination, personal SWOT analysis to get back on track, time management and organization, learning styles and strengths assessment. Students in poor academic standing receive personalized email outreach with session details.

Classroom Coaching Presentations

Success Coaches offer classroom coaching presentations to empower students to develop the skills they need to thrive in their college journey. Group coaching is offered on topics of…

  • College transitions
  • Goal setting
  • Time management
  • Academic habits
  • Effective learning strategies
  • Motivation
  • Midterm and finals preparation

All sessions will include a brief overview of the Success Coaching and Peer Academic Coaching programs. To schedule a Success Coaching class presentation, please complete this presentation request form.

Get started with a coach

New to success coaching? Email to be connected with one of our Success Coaches.

Why Participate? Benefits of coaching

Success Coaching provides students with a professional staff member who is invested in helping them reach their goals. Our coaches challenge students to be active agents in their college journey. In doing so, our students experience:

  • Connection to campus resources that lead to thriving in college
  • Tools and strategies to maximize academic success
  • Deeper learning and motivation
  • Awareness of one’s needs as a learner
  • Specific actions and strategies to accomplish goals

Our guiding principles

  • Success Coaching is highly collaborative and relies on the model of a convoy of social support (Schlossberg, 2012) and resources for academic development.
  • Success Coaching is a proactive approach to assist students in their holistic development. Success Coaching is for all students! Any students at SRU are invited to see a Success Coach.
  • Sessions are conversational and co-constructive, embracing personal narrative and inviting students to share their story and experiences.
  • Success Coaching is for all students! Any students at SRU are invited to see a Success Coach.

What our students are saying

“What I have enjoyed most about success coaching is the support and mentorship from my coach. I feel like ever since I began receiving coaching that areas such as my academic performance and social and professional relationships have improved significantly. The connections I have made as a result of participating have been with the Disability Resource Center as well my student coach herself. I feel I have grown a lot as a result of success coaching in terms of my organizational strategies and goal-building efforts. I would encourage a new student to connect with a success coach, because it is a wonderful support system that will help a student succeed personally and academically with a concrete, individualized plan. My favorite motivational quote is by Mahatma Gandhi - “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”"

Liv Tishman, OTS
Slippery Rock University, Class of 2021
Occupational Therapy Doctorate Program