Rock Integrated Studies Program

The Rock Integrated Studies Program ("Rock Studies 2") at Slippery Rock University is the general education requirement for all undergraduate students in all majors at the University.

The purpose of a general education program is to introduce you to a broad range of knowledge in addition to the material you learn in your major.  It includes 42 credits of the required 120 minimum credits required for graduation.  There are three parts to the Rock Studies program:

  • The Rock
  • Integrated Inquiry
  • Thematic Threads

Educating students to be life-long learners is part of the mission of Slippery Rock University.

The Rock Studies Program is unique as a general education program because it provides thematic interdisciplinary connections to guide you toward thinking critically and creatively, and to use knowledge from diverse places as they confront and analyze issues and problems.

To access the 2023-24 Advising Guide for Rock Studies, click here.

To access the Fall 2024 Threads Advising Guide, click here.

To access the AAC&U's 2023 Employer Survey, demonstrating the need for general education, click here.

Things to Know about Rock Studies

  • There is more than one version of Rock Studies. Make sure you’re looking at the right Rock Studies guide based on when you started at SRU.

    If you started at SRU during or after Summer 2022 you will follow Rock Studies 2. If you started at SRU prior to Summer 2022 you will follow Rock Studies 1.

  • Some majors have different Rock Studies requirements. Some majors have been given permission to substitute courses within Rock Studies. Look at your current Rock Audit report (available via MySRU) and your Curriculum Guide as well as your correct Rock Studies Guide when you meet with your advisor.