Online Exhibits

North Hall Fire Exhibit

On October 16, 1937, Homecoming preparations at Slippery Rock State Teachers College went awry and the original North Hall dormitory caught fire. Everyone escaped the blaze but the building was a total loss.

North Hall Building on Fire

North Hall Fire Exhibit


The ROCKvoices online oral history exhibit features full audio, transcripts, and video clips of interviews of past and present SRU faculty, staff, presidents and alumni. Hear the wonderful stories of the people who have shaped this institution from Slippery Rock State Teachers College, through the Slippery Rock State College years and into the Slippery Rock University of today.

Rock Voices Mouth and Nose

ROCKvoices Exhibit

Architectural History of Slippery Rock University

This exhibit features the buildings of Slippery Rock University's past and present. These structures offer insight into the history of the University's growth, as well as providing a connection to all who have walked on the SRU campus, those who currently walk it, and those who will walk it either as students or faculty.

Ariel view of campus

Architectural History of SRU Exhibit

Bookplates: What Lies Beneath the Lines

This exhibit traces the history of bookplates, providing examples of different types throughout history. Bookplates housed in Slippery Rock University’s Special Collections are highlighted, including coats of arms, illustrations, and plates utilized from the Normal School days to the Slippery Rock State College era.

State Normal School Bookplate

Bookplates: What Lies Beneath the Lines Exhibit