Department of Interdisciplinary Programs

Welcome to the Department of Interdisciplinary Programs! Our department offers a number of exciting academic programs that can stand alone as your major or pair well with many other programs of study, as a second major or minor, to add value, skills and make you stand out when you look for employment.

Choose our department for its innovative academic programs that will enhance your employability and provide you with knowledge and skills that will allow you to meet the world; understand it and engage it through the use of what you have learned at Slippery Rock. That is our mission. You will be apply to not just study but apply what you have learned in real settings though the many opportunities presented to you such as, involvement in service learning activities, student organizations, internships and practicums, student faculty research and study aboard and international travel. Our curriculum is flexible and this flexibility allows us to incorporate the best from other departments in addition to our own in the design of your academic programs.

Talk to us to see how our programs can fit with your academic plans. We offer, through our BS, Interdisciplinary Programs a variety options for major programs of study and we also offer five minors and one certificate.

Visit the Interdisciplinary Programs Blog for updates about events and happenings in the department.

Option 1

Chose from the following options:

  • Anthropology
  • Cognitive Science
  • Cultural Area Studies
    • Asian Studies
    • European Studies
    • Latin American Studies
    • Middle Eastern Studies
  • Gender and Diversity Studies
  • Leadership Studies
  • Liberal Arts
  • Philanthropy and Nonprofit Management
  • Sociology

Option 2

Choose to complete a degree in Interdisciplinary Programs, when you cannot complete a degree in your current major

  • On-Campus Degree Completion for students currently enrolled or previously enrolled at SRU
  • Online Degree Completion for students previously enrolled at SRU who wish to return to SRU but can only do so with on-line coursework

Minors and Certificates

  • Anthropology Minor
  • Asian Studies Minor (with the Asian Studies Program)
  • Cognitive Science Minor
  • Gender and Diversity Studies Minor
  • Leadership Studies Minor
  • Philanthropy and Nonprofit Management Minor
  • Sociology Minor