Nonprofit Management, Empowerment and Diversity Studies

Welcome to the Nonprofit Management, Empowerment and Diversity Studies! Our department offers a number of exciting academic programs that can stand alone as your major or pair well with many other programs of study, as a second major or minor, to add value, skills and make you stand out when you look for employment.

Our Mission:  Engages students in curricular and co-curricular learning to incorporate diverse, global, and integrated perspectives; to address complex issues affecting themselves, their communities, and their world.

Our Vision: Fosters graduates who critically assess and address complex issues within the human condition with a focus on social and cultural diversity.

Choose our department for its innovative academic programs that will enhance your employability and provide you with knowledge and skills that will allow you to meet the world; understand it and engage it through the use of what you have learned at Slippery Rock. That is our mission. You will be able to not just study but apply what you have learned in real settings through the many opportunities presented to you such as, involvement in service learning activities, student organizations, internships and practicums, student faculty research and study abroad and international travel. Our curriculum is flexible and this flexibility allows us to incorporate the best from other departments in addition to our own in the design of your academic programs.