Political Science

Political Science is the study of making, enforcing, and adjudicating the policies that shape the lives of citizens and the behavior of nations.

Our mission is to prepare our students to be aware of the diverse elements of political science as a discipline, to think critically, to communicate effectively, and to empower them to engage meaningfully in the discipline and as citizens in the political world.

The Political Science Department provides students with a broad range of learning experiences that cover the political universe in depth. These experiences include classes about elections, public opinion, the political behavior of citizens, the legislature, the courts, and the presidency, and courses on foreign policy, international relations, the politics of foreign countries, and the theories and analysis of political behavior and policy making. Our faculty are experts in their fields and they love teaching!

Why Choose Political Science?

Politics plays a powerful part of life in every society.  Learning how politics works is both fascinating and important: if we fail to understand and engage with the political processes that shape our lives, then we forfeit that power to those who will use it for their own ends.  Political Science prepares students to be better citizens and participants in this vital process.

What Can You Learn from Political Science?

Political Science majors develop a broad understanding of politics, develop more specialized understanding of some of the sub-fields in the discipline, and develop analytical skills, writing skills, interactive skills, leadership skills, and practical skills that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.  In addition to formal coursework, our students participate in numerous related activities and organizations and regularly collaborate with faculty on research projects, often co-presenting papers with them at regional and national conferences.  In addition, our students participate in a number of local, state and national internship opportunities that provide experience in their fields and invaluable networking opportunities.