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Minor in American Politics

Offered by: Political Science Department

Are you interested in American political institutions and processes? Do you want to learn more about how American government functions? Through the minor in American Politics at SRU, you'll gain a broad-based understanding of American politics and a deeper knowledge within a chosen specialty area.

Why Choose American Politics?

Understanding how our political system works is inherently important and interesting to all American citizens. Through the minor in American Politics you will become an informed citizen who can both understand and participate effectively in our complex democracy.

Ten of the eleven courses included in the minor also count towards Liberal Studies requirements. If you plan carefully, it is possible to simultaneously fulfill both the minor and Liberal Studies requirements.

What Will You Learn?

Depending on your interests, you can customize the minor to focus on any of the following areas: 

  • political behavior of individual actors,
  • political institutions such as Congress, the executive branch, the federal judiciary and state and local government
  • quasi-institutions such as political parties, interest groups, and the media

Careers In American Politics

As a minor in American Politics, the solid understanding you will gain will serve you well in many careers such as law, government, teaching, and/or business. The minor can also provide you with the skills required for careers in campaigns, political party organizations, the executive and legislative branches, government agencies, and non-profit organizations.

Clubs & Organizations

  • College Democrats
  • College Republicans
  • Law Society