Two pieces of metalsmithing art works

Develop Technical Proficiency in the Manipulation of Metals

SRU's BFA Concentration in Metalsmithing prepares you for a creative career in the arts

Art BFA: Concentration in Metalsmithing

Offered by: Art

The BFA in Art with a Concentration in Metalsmithing is designed for students interested in developing technical skills and creative expression within the histories and traditions of Jewelry and Adornment, Functional Metalwork, and Fine Metal Sculpture. Students will have opportunities to develop technical proficiency in the manipulation of a variety of materials, predominantly metal, through the exploration of a wide variety of techniques. Individual creative development is emphasized at advanced levels, as well as continuous exploration of traditional and contemporary possibilities; this includes incorporation of additional art mediums and cross-disciplinary collaborations.


Students will develop confidence in their abilities to become productive and competitive members of society. The BFA in Art with a Concentration in Metalsmithing not only prepares those individuals seeking a position in an arts related field, but the creative, technical, aesthetic, and problem-solving skills developed can be applied to a wide variety of employment opportunities.

The BFA in Art with Concentration in Metalsmithing is for students interested in exploring the rich history and traditions of Metalsmithing’s place in contemporary society. It provides the student the ability to explore a wide variety technical skills and processes while developing a sense of pride in the work created.

What Will You Learn?

Students will learn historic and contemporary techniques in Metalsmithing while exploring its role in contemporary society. This includes mandatory health and safety requirements in the facilitation of working safely in the studio. They will learn a variety of methods including casting, fabrication, forging, enameling, stone setting, hammer forming, and many others . Students will improve conceptual and creative problem-solving skills along with design aesthetics. Advanced levels will learn basic business practices in areas such as art gallery relations, retail/wholesale production and commissioned projects.

Careers In Metalsmithing

By completing the BFA in Art with a Concentration in Metalsmithing, students can choose their careers in the jewelry manufacturing industry, studio jeweler, professional blacksmith, art education, creative based community programs, art therapy, art gallery management, tableware/hollowware design, architectural metalwork and more.

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