Student using a grinder against a piece of metal

Execute Sculptural Works and Sharpen Your Technical Skills

SRU's BFA Concentration in Sculpture is the study of the three-dimensional world we live in

Art BFA: Concentration in Sculpture

Offered by: Art

The goals of this program are to execute sculptural works while sharpening technical skills, strengthening critical analysis and problem solving and to provide historical context in the medium. Through hands on production of imagery and written analysis students can gain greater insights into the mechanics of artmaking.

Why Choose Art Sculpture?

At its core sculpture is the study of the three-dimensional world we live in. Students are encouraged to develop their own unique voice in this context with an emphasis on the decision making process that entails.

What Will You Learn?

Students in this concentration will continue to develop a direction in medium, idea, and/or style. Students will increase their understanding of special relationships, materials, craftmanship and the creative process of exploration. You will also learn to place art within the larger cultural and historical context and to apply this knowledge to better understand, evaluate, and engage in art making.

Careers In Sculpture

Students who complete a BFA program are prepared to succeed in a variety of workplace environments, where problem solving, creativity, critical thinking, leadership and organization and communication skills are required.

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