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Digital Media provides students the tools to study the intersection of technology and artistry

Art BFA: Digital Media

Offered by: Art

The BFA in Art with Concentration in Digital Media is designed for students interested in exploring Digital Media's artistic possibilities. Through this course of study, students will have opportunities to explore varied digitally-focused approaches for two-dimensional image production and composition; three-dimensional considerations including possibilities for 3D modeling and animation, 3D printing, and image/projection; and video and animation. Emphasis will be placed upon individual expression and portfolio development.

Why Choose Digital Media?

The BFA in Art with Concentration in Digital Media is for talented and creative individuals interested in digital applications and the variety of ways they can be applied visually and artistically. Students with a broad understanding of these capabilities develop the flexibility and adaptability to apply digital tools in artistic and applied vocational directions.

What Will You Learn?

Through the BFA in Art with Concentration in Digital Media, students will learn a variety of professional, industry-standard computer applications, varied methods of digital image production and composition, 3D modeling, video editing and production, varied approaches to animation, etc. Mastery of visual concepts and the exploration of individually-focused content will aid in the development of personal artistic vision.

Careers In Digital Media

The opportunity to explore new tools and directions attracts creative and innovative artists to Digital Media. The field is diverse and expansive. Digital Media can be applied in an extensive range of visual situations and directions. The understanding of digital tools and the creative application of these tools and processes to visual problems can lead to opportunities in a variety of vocations and fields including:

  • Video Production
  • Animation
  • Multimedia Artist
  • Web Development
  • Art Director
  • Creative Director

Clubs & Organizations

Art Society