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Broad-Based Curriculum Gives Students Options

Biology is a big field. Our program sets students up for success as they refine their studies.

Biology: Professional

Offered by: Biology

Biology is a vast field of study spanning from vertebrate anatomy to coastal vegetation, to field ecology to microbiology. If you have drive to understand how life functions from the smallest organism to the entirety of an ecosystem, the major in Biology: Professional at SRU will prepare you for a rewarding career.

Why Choose Biology: Professional?

The major in Biology: Professional offers rigorous training in both basic and advanced biological concepts, preparing you for advanced training in biology.  You have the option to specialize in Bioinformatics, which will prepare you for career opportunities or graduate school in the areas of genomics and proteomics, biochemistry, drug discovery, drug design, protein structure, gene finding and genome assembly.

What Will You Learn?

The broad-based curriculum gives a firm foundation in principals of biology and hones the quantitative, deductive and inductive reasoning skills you will need in the field. Your coursework in anatomy, physiology, genetics, and molecular biology will give you the proficiency in the fundamentals of biology that you will need as you explore specialties in the field.

Careers In Biology

The major in Biology: Professional will give you the mastery of biology you will need to continue your education or go on to a career as a scientist, an educator, or health care professional.

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