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Middle Level Education: Mathematics

Offered by: Secondary Education / Foundations of Education

The Middle-Level Education: Mathematics program at SRU gives you the background and skills you need to teach math to students in upper-elementary and middle-level classrooms. This program is best for students who want to teach math but who aren't interested in upper-level mathematics courses.

Why Choose Middle Level Education: Mathematics?

SRU is an NCATE/CAEP-accredited institution. That means as a graduate of the Middle-Level Education: Mathematics program, you will not only have a wide range of knowledge but also the practical skills necessary to be an effective educator. Administrators and teachers in the field often comment on how well prepared SRU teaching candidates are for the classroom.

What Will You Learn?

SRU's program in Middle-Level Education: Mathematics will help you develop professional and personal competence through diverse classroom experiences, as well as student teaching opportunities locally and abroad.

As a Secondary Education major, you will:

  • Design classroom instructions to meet students' specific needs and abilities
  • Use the latest technology in teaching
  • Work with students from various ethnic, racial, and religious backgrounds to meet the needs of diverse student populations
  • Become an expert in teaching mathematics to middle-grade students

Careers In Middle Level Education: Mathematics

As a graduate of this program, you'll be qualified to teach math to upper-elementary and middle-grade students in Pennsylvania and/or other states. The Department of Secondary Education/Foundations of Education works closely with SRU's Career Education and Development to prepare and support you as you seek employment and begin your teaching career. Pennsylvania's teacher certification is met by successful completion of the Praxis Exam, a Criminal Background Check, and field and student teaching experiences.

Clubs & Organizations

  • Kappa Delta Pi
  • Secondary Education Club
  • SRU Collegiate Middle Level Association