Business Analytics Minor

An Economics Professor teaches in a Business Analytics class

Business Analytics (Minor)

Offered by: Accounting, Economics and Finance

A Minor in Business Analytics program is designed to equip students with the essential skills and knowledge to harness the power of data for strategic insights and informed business strategies. Whether you are a business-minded individual seeking to complement your major with valuable analytics skills or a data enthusiast looking to apply your passion in a business context, our Minor in Business Analytics can provide you the tools to make informed data-driven decisions.

Why Choose Minor Business Analytics?

Students should choose this program to complement their major with valuable analytics skills and acquire additional credentials to open up more job opportunities.

What Will You Learn?

Student Learning Outcomes of the Minor in Business Analytics Program:

  1. Decision making using the application of business analytics concepts and techniques to accounting, economics, finance, management and marketing data.
  2. Experience with the use of software tools to create business analytics reports (Excel, Tableau, IDEA, etc.).
  3. Apply statistical techniques and interpret results of statistical analysis to analyze business data.
  4. Understand the design, use and implementation of relational database systems, with emphasis on creation of data models based on the entity relationship data model.
  5. Understand and apply data visualization concepts to the analysis of business data.

Careers In Business Analytics

Graduates of this minor will be preprared for careers in the following areas: Data Analyst, Business Analyst, Market Research Analyst, Customer Insights Analyst, Operations Analyst, Business Analytics Consultant.