Explore Criminal Justice From a Multi-Disciplinary Approach

The minor in Forensices and Criminal Justice is open to all majors with a broad focus on applied aspects of security practices

Forensics and Criminal Justice (Minor)

Offered by: Criminology and Criminal Justice

This minor is open to both Criminology and Criminal Justice majors and non-majors. It is a multidisciplinary program that covers various areas of criminal justice practice.

Why Choose the Minor in Forensics and Criminal Justice?

This program provides a credential for students outside the Criminolgy and Criminal Justice major who are interested in the broad occupation categories of protective service/enforcement/security professions or simply seeking to become better-informed citizens about the applied aspects of security or justice practices.

For students in the Criminology and Criminal Justice major, this program allows students to increase their scientific literacy and aligns with the major’s professional proficiency and critical thinking outcomes.

What Will You Learn?

Students learn technical, behavioral, scientific, and applied approaches to criminal justice practice.

Careers In Forensics and Criminal Justice

Students graduating with this minor will be prepared to enter the following fields:

  • Law Enforcement
  • Human Services
  • Investigations
  • Security/Protective Services

Clubs & Organizations

Criminology Club

Alpha Phi Sigma Criminal Justice Honors Society