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Tackle Issues like Sustainability and Environmental Management

Students positively impact the world around them through field research.

Geography: Environmental Studies and Sustainability

Offered by: Geography, Geology, and the Environment

The Environmental Studies and Sustainability program at SRU will help you understand the relationships that exist between social, behavioral, and environmental systems. The major will prepare you for a career in environmental leadership addressing pressing environmental issues.

Why Choose Environmental Studies And Sustainability?

If you are committed to making the world a better place, Environmental Studies and Sustainability program could be a great choice for your future. You will gain the knowledge and experience in leading others to find ethical and equitable solutions to the environmental challenges that face the world today and in the future.

What Will You Learn?

In the Environmental Studies and Sustainability program, you will learn to critically evaluate our society's interactions with the environment and you will acquire the tools to become successful. You will learn how to affect change in your community.

You will learn how to identify an environmental problem, gather and analyze data, and present the research results. Opportunities abound for you to engage in fieldwork, internships, undergraduate research, and presentations.

Careers In Environmental Studies And Sustainability

Typical careers for Environmental Studies and Sustainability majors include:

  • Community planner
  • Environmental analyst
  • Environmental consultant
  • Environmental educator
  • Environmental planner
  • Nonprofit conservation and community organizations
  • Regulatory agencies (EPA, Pennsylvania DEP)
  • State, and federal public land agencies (Pennsylvania DCNR, Forest Service, National Park Service)

Clubs & Organizations

  • Gamma Theta Upsilon (student honorary society)
  • Geography, Geology, and the Environment Club