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Secondary Education Mathematics

A strong Mathematical foundation creates exceptional teachers

Mathematics: Secondary Education

Offered by: Mathematics and Statistics

Slippery Rock University's Mathematics program provides a strong mathematical foundation with concentrations focused on student interests and career goals. Mathematics majors choose one of four concentrations: Actuarial Science, Mathematical Sciences, Secondary Education, and Statistics. The dedicated faculty are committed to both excellence in teaching and student success. The concentration choice does not limit career opportunities, as the BS degree is a mathematics degree.

Why Choose Mathematics: Secondary Education?

Mathematics is more than calculations and working with numbers. In addition to relevant mathematical and statistical skills and knowledge, a mathematics degree confirms the ability to solve complex problems with critical thinking, perseverance, and logical reasoning. Mathematics teachers are in high demand, and if you are interested in teaching, the Secondary Education concentration will provide the necessary mathematics training needed to teach mathematics as well as preparation for training in teaching. Many students on this track complete their master’s degree in education before entering their careers. SRU future secondary teachers are more qualified in mathematics than any other program in the state, leading to nearly 100% job placement after graduation.

What Will You Learn?

All SRU mathematics concentrations have the same core coursework, which includes calculus, discrete math, mathematical proofs, linear algebra, and statistics. The Secondary Education concentration includes additional courses of differential equations, geometric structures, number theory, analysis, and abstract algebra.

A Mathematics degree strengthens critical thinking, and students graduating with a degree in Mathematics will:

  • Use mathematical knowledge to solve theoretical and applied problems.
  • Apply rigorous deductive logical reasoning to prove mathematical results.
  • Use appropriate technology to perform and interpret mathematical analyses.
  • Communicate mathematical results clearly and precisely to both expert and non-technical audiences.
  • Demonstrate professional integrity and accountability in the use and communication of mathematics.

Students in the SRU Mathematics program with Secondary Education concentration have many opportunities to gain experience interacting with students. Opportunities include peer tutoring or working as a classroom assistant or a supplemental instruction tutor for mathematics and statistics classes.

Careers In Mathematics: Secondary Education

Mathematics degree graduates with Secondary Education concentration have many career possibilities. Graduates may become junior or senior level high school teachers in mathematics or other sciences, or they may attend graduate school in mathematics, education, or any related field. Past graduates have advanced to school administrative positions due to strong critical thinking and logical reasoning abilities. Some students have chosen to work at STEM outreach positions by working with math tutoring centers, math summer camps, accelerated math programs, or science museums. Students who go on to complete the Master of Education are also qualified to teach at most community colleges. Graduates may also work in industry since the degree does not limit to only teaching. SRU Mathematics & Statistics students may declare a minor to further advance specialized skills.

Clubs & Organizations

  • Dead Poets Society
  • Math Club
  • Preservice Teachers of Mathematics (PTM)


Slippery Rock University's Mathematics with Secondary Education concentration is perfect for students looking to be among the most qualified teaching candidates in the state with a versatile bachelor's degree and a wide range of career opportunities. Interested in learning more? Request more information today!