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Learn about Law and Politics

SRU's major in Law and Politics prepares you for law school upon graduation from SRU

Political Science: Law and Politics

Offered by: Political Science

A degree in Political Science with a focus on law and politics will prepare you to be successful in law school.

Why Choose Law and Politics?

If you are interested in political science and intend to pursue a law degree upon graduation, you should choose this concentration in order to develop skills critical to law school success, including argumentation and debate, briefing cases, remembering detailed information, excellent writing skills, and confidence communicating ideas in the classroom.

What Will You Learn?

You will learn how to read difficult texts, think critically, write well, analyze and critique arguments, and communicate confidently. They also learn about the law and the legal system, political theory, civil rights and civil liberties, and constitutional law.


The main career opportunity for students in the program is to prepare them to succeed in law school. However, students who do not pursue a career in the legal field will also benefit from the skills learned. These students could pursue careers in graduate school or any career path they choose. With the foundations of writing, reading, and critical thinking, students will find success in any chosen career.

Clubs & Organizations

Law Society

SRU Debate Society

Pi Sigma Alpha